Decameron Tales: Slices of Life in Lockdown (Start Here)

Decameron Tales

Keep Connected to Family by Sharing Slices of Life

When the world suddenly went sideways in the time of Coronavirus, Samurai Uncle (author Peter J. O’Brien) started a slice of life story series that I’ve subtitled, “Life in Lockdown”. They’ve been written from a wry perspective of what it’s like to live in the bizarre lockdown of 2020. So much of society seems reflected in fun house mirrors. It’s still us, but warped and bent and stretched. Leave it to Peter to put a comic spin on all of that.
The stories, released every Sunday since April 28, have helped each of us feel more connected as a family, made us laugh and given us insight into the workings of Peter’s mind.
A little background about the main title reveals his inspiration:
The Decameron was written by Giovanni Bocaccio during the time of the Black Plague in 14th century Italy. A young group of the aristocracy fled the contagion in Florence for the relative safety of the country. To keep their spirits up until the epidemic passed, each took turns regaling the group with a story a day.

Decameron Tale #1: My GQ Shoot is Obviously Not Going to Happen.

Decameron Tale#2: A Silver Lining

Decameron Tale#3: Chivalry and the Mask

Decameron Tale#4: Can We Lighten Up a Little?

Decameron Tale #5: The Importance of Style in Therapy Gardening

Decameron Tale #6: Respirator Envy

Decameron Tale #7: Never Underestimate the Power of Yeast

Decameron Tale #8

Decameron Tale #9: Rodent Rhumba

Decameron Tale #10: In Support of Efficiency

Decameron Tale #11

Decameron Tale #12: Investigating Salon Culture in My Spare Time

Decameron Tale #13: A Quiet July 4th – Less Booze, More Reflection

Decameron Tale #14: Human Nature at the Produce Stand

Decameron Tale #15: Welcome to the Good Old Days!

Decameron Tale #16: Water Woes

Decameron Tale #17: Humor and Culture

Decameron Tale #18:  Alternatives to the Rhode Island Red

Decameron Tale #19: Lions and Tigers & Bears…Oh My!

Decameron Tale #20: Mouse Assault at Mud Bridge

More Decameron Tales coming soon!

Decameron Tale #21:

Decameron Tale #22:

Decameron Tale #23:

Decameron Tale #24:

Decameron Tale #25: